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Trophy Hunts

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Trophy Hunt Rates


Welcome to the Midwest Woodlots trophy page! These are just a few of the deer that are roaming our ground as we speak. We do not hand-pick or save deer. As you can see by our prices, we hunt by size and not individual deer. We provide the opportunity for a wonderful hunt and to harvest the buck of a lifetime. We will go out in the morning or the evening and head to the hayfield- as any deer would. Remember, these are only a few of the deer that are roaming Midwest Woodlots. We have a few openings, so book your hunt soon, and we hope you have a great hunting season!

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We raise 90-95% of our trophy’s, so we are able to have truly some of the best hunts available! Give us a call and book your next dream hunt today!

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$500 Due Today – Remainder Due the Day of Hunt

Trophy Hunt Pricing

Non-Typical Rates

Up to 150″ $3,500
Up to 175″ $4,500
Up to 200″ $5,500
201″ – 250″ $7,000
251″ – 300″ $8,000
Over 300″ $8,000+ $10 per inch

Typical Rates

Up to 150″ $4,000
Up to 175″ $5,000
Up to 200″ $6,500
Over 200″ $8,000

Things to Bring

what to pack
1. Cell phone with an additional battery if possible
2. Solid Orange hat or vest
3. Hunting clothes. bibs and jackets recommended dress in layers
4. Personal bathroom gear
5. Binocease (no scents or lures)
6. Range finder
7. Safety harness
8. Several 1 Lb propane tanks.
9. Cooler
10. Grunt call
11. Licenses
12. WARM GEAR – Gloves or mittens, warm dry boots (rubber are best) hand warmers, & rain gear


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