Archery Hunts

Guy with buck from archery hunt

Whitetail Archery Hunting


Archery hunts in our part of the Midwest can be exciting and very action-packed when done correctly. The terrain in our part of the state consists of large sections of agriculture fields with small woodlots, dry and wet creeks, fence rows, and small sections of land set aside for conservation reserve programs. We take pride in the adjustments we are making for archers visiting Midwest Woodlots Free Range Outfitters since taking over from its original owners.


Our season (although it opens October 1st annually), will start Oct 20th. We have found in the last few years of tracking deer movement patterns regarding the weather, we usually see our first cold push of the season in mid-October. Subsequently, the first big movement of mature bucks is also seen around this time, with does and young bucks continuing their normal patterns all season (regardless of warm or cold temperatures).

At this time of year, the mature bucks start to make their presence known. With increased activity and movement, your chances of seeing a Big Indiana whitetail increase. We wait carefully for the ideal conditions so that we can take full advantage of season-long hunting opportunities. Get ready – you won’t want to miss out on this exciting opportunity!
We are committed to the well-being of our wildlife, and in order to protect their safety and encourage healthy populations, we require a 130′ minimum for any buck. No small bucks or does are to be taken. This helps make sure that our doe population stays put, while also enticing larger bucks into the area.


** For your safety, all Archery hunts—both vertical and crossbow—will be done from ladder stands. There will be no use of lock-on stands at any point during the archery hunt. As an additional precaution, all hunters must bring and use a treestand safety harness whenever they are in a stand.

Hunt 12,000 Acres of Indiana’s PRIME Hunting Ground

​​Let us help you check this year’s buck off your list! Most of  our hunters are return hunters and we take pride in that. We strive to give you the best service you will ever want!

Reserve Your Hunt

$500 Due Today – Remainder Due the Day of Hunt

Archery Hunt Pricing


Lunch supplies and breakfast supplies And hot meals nightly.  Drop-off & pickup to and from stand. We have a person on hand to cape your deer the charge is $50 fully caped and measurements to go with you. Skinned and quartered $50. Deboned $25 or $100 for all.

OCT 1st – NOV 13th   4 DAYS & 5 NIGHTS – $2500

Pre-Rut & Rut Dates ONLY

Things to Bring

what to pack
1. Cell phone with an additional battery if possible
2. Hunting clothes. bibs and jackets recommended dress in layers
3. Personal bathroom gear
4. Binocease (no scents or lures)
5. Range finder
6. Cooler
7. Grunt call
8. Licenses
9. WARM GEAR – Gloves or mittens, warm dry boots (rubber are best) & hand warmers


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