Our Story

Ken and Cheryl first started Midwest Woodlots in 2004 after a period of fulfilling their passions: fishing the Bassmaster Top 100 Trail for Ken and accounting for Zimmer, a prominent medical company, for Cheryl. Recognizing their newfound free time, Ken’s fascination with nature and Cheryl’s culinary prowess fueled the launch of Midwest Woodlots. Subsequently, they established deer farming as well as free-range hunting on 13k acres, with game ranging from rams to elk to bison and whitetail!

Ultimately, customers have our utmost appreciation thanks to their knack for endowing top-notch Northern Indiana free-range hunting experiences.

My journey with Midwest Woodlots began in 2018, when I decided to make use of my newfound leisure time after the success of my Lake Erie charter fishing service with a weekend hunt at Midwest Woodlots. After just one visit, I knew that this was something special and by mid-season 2019, I had become property manager with a wide range of field operations responsibilities. Now in 2022, Ken and Cheryl are enjoying their retirement while I am proudly running Midwest Woodlots Free Range operations.

At Midwest Woodlots Free Range Outfitters, we are passionate about offering the best free-range hunting opportunities possible. We are on a mission to bring together like-minded individuals who share our same dream of harvesting bigger whitetails!

We hope you will join us as we embark on this journey for years to come. Are you ready to take part in an amazing free-range hunting experience?

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