Youth Hunts

Youth Hunts

Youth Hunt


Here at Midwest Woodlots, we understand and embrace youth hunting- it’s what keeps traditions alive! Youth season at Midwest Woodlots is all about the kids! When you arrive, we deploy a little twist and remind the kids that the youth weekend is all about them.. but make sure to keep your adult out of trouble!

There are no restrictions during the youth season. Youth hunters have the option of shooting one deer of their choosing- a doe or buck of any size. Kids’ excitement at young ages often is swayed by opportunity and success. We encourage them to shoot!

All youth hunts are done from blinds. Hunter orange is required for both youth and adults.

Hunt 12,000 Acres of Indiana’s PRIME Hunting Ground

​​Let us help you check this year’s buck off your list! Most of  our hunters are return hunters and we take pride in that. We strive to give you the best service you will ever want!

Reserve Your Hunt

$500 Due Today – Remainder Due the Day of Hunt

Youth Hunt Pricing


Lunch supplies and breakfast supplies And hot meals nightly.  Drop-off & pickup to and from stand. We have a person on hand to cape your deer the charge is $50 fully caped and measurements to go with you. Skinned and quartered $50. Deboned $25 or $100 for all.

2024-25 Season
2 Days & 3 Nights

Youth Turkey Rates

2024-25 Season
2 Days & 3 Nights

Things to Bring

what to pack
1. Cell phone with an additional battery if possible
2. Solid Orange hat or vest
3. Hunting clothes. bibs and jackets recommended dress in layers – we hunt from blinds so dark clothing is best
4. Personal bathroom gear
5. Binocease (no scents or lures)
6. Range finder
7. Several 1 Lb propane tanks.
8. Cooler
9. Grunt call
10. Licenses
11. WARM GEAR – Gloves or mittens, warm dry boots (rubber are best) & hand warmers


Trophy Room