Reduction Zone Hunts

boy with buck

Midwest Woodlots has a large section in the Warsaw reduction zone. Reduction zone hunting allows you the opportunity to take an additional buck outside of Indiana’s one buck Rule!

How Reduction Zone Hunts Work:

You must first shoot, recover, and tag a doe before you are able to shoot a qualifying buck that is 130” or larger.

Early Season Reduction

Sept. 15th – Oct. 5th

  • 4 days of hunting, 5 nights of lodging
  • Transportation to and from ladder stands
  • Field dressing of deer

90% of mature buck movements are in the evenings, so once your doe is shot, it is in all of our best interests to hunt early afternoon and onward. By sleeping in and skipping the morning, we avoid laying extra scent trails and educating more deer, while at the same time targeting our goal of mature bucks.

Early reduction zone hunts are $2000 per hunter.

Late Reduction Zone Hunts:

Dec. 26th – Jan. 15th

  • 4 days and 5 nights
  • Transportation to and from heated box blinds
  • Field dressing of deer

Deer have finished the rut, both bucks and does are starting to relax and “yard up” for the winter. This term is used when certain areas or sections hold 2 or 3X as many deer in the winter as they hold the rest of the fall or summer.

These hunts are all day in a heated box blind. Mainly due to no leaf cover and the deer can simply see too much if you try and go in and out.

As with the early hunt, you must shoot a doe first before beginning hunting your buck.

Late reduction zone hunts are $2500 per hunter.


Reduction zones have big advantages for the hunter. Rifles are legal from the firearm opener and onward. Reduction zones are highly successful, as deer have 1 thing on their minds again… feeding up for the cold winter ahead!

Early and later reduction zone hunts are very limited. We only run up to 2 hunters at a time to maintain low pressure and rotate farms. Book your reduction zone hunt today!

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